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Ukulele Typogram

A tiny masterpiece of typolutherie, the Ukulele Typogram tunes and conditions your ‘uke-abulary, and upgrades the orthography of chord shapes for aspiring virtuosi. A muse for the re-entranted.

Precaución Bicicleta

A pioneering bicycle safety public awareness campaign in Spanish consisting of bus shelter posters and a video PSA.

Bicycle Typogram – T-Shirt 1

The T-Shirt. Now with a Bicycle Typogram printed upon it. Study those components on the move.     For safety, the left shoulder of this bright white shirt is emblazoned with a 4″ diameter AARLINE logo capable of reflecting up to 675 cd/lux/m2 of dazzling white light, in compliance with ANSI Class 2 high-visability warning clothing standards. […]

Bicycle Typogram – Edition 5 – Color Harmony

Color… color… color… some live and some die for a color. Will you cry out for a color, at least open your eyes to these colors?. Think now, will you buy now that color… color… color? The value of gold, is in your mind. Will you eat, though bold, that fluorescent orange? Can you stop […]