Precaución Bicicleta

Spanish speakers in Los Angeles ride bikes more than other groups, and also suffer disproportionately from traffic injuries.* To create safer streets for everyone, the Los Angeles County Bicycle CoalitionCity of Lights Program in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of TransportationBikeways and several community groups created a pioneering bicycle safety public awareness campaign in Spanish consisting of bus shelter posters and a video PSA. You can read about the unique grassroots process at LACBC, and the campaign on Streetsblog. My artwork was selected to illustrate the campaign slogan:

PRECAUCIÓN: Tu Familia También Usa La Bicicleta

CAUTION: Your Family Also Rides a Bicycle
Bicycle Safety Campaign Poster

Download the PDF * to print your own copy. For collectors, I’ve screen-printed an instant classic 4-color limited edition of the artwork.