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Ukulele Typogram

A tiny masterpiece of typolutherie, the Ukulele Typogram tunes and conditions your ‘uke-abulary, and upgrades the orthography of chord shapes for aspiring virtuosi. A muse for the re-entranted.

Bicycle Typogram – Mini Prints

Mini… mini… miniature… Letterpressed miniature prints are type-high. The first spoils from a foray into the realm of pressed letters. Known in the art as broadsides, these are a little less broad, so they are mini prints here, all crisply pressed with the best non-toxic rubber inks on Fabriano Medioevalis cards. Fabriano has been making paper like […]

Bicycle Typogram – Printed

Print…print…print. The Bicycle Typogram (original graphic here) is printed. Card, flood, print, pull, dry. Each impression represents a unique moment in time. Registration E tabs, press micro-adjustments, stencil-restricted ink deposits, attempts to make each moment an exact replica – the tick tock of a perfect clock. But perfection is not easily reproduced. {click image for […]

Bicycle Typogram